4 Benefits of Using Investigative Interviewing Techniques While Negotiation

While negotiating, it is always advisable to understand what the other party wants and then come on a common ground in order to lock in the deal at our own benefit. No doubt individuals or companies hire expert negotiators to negotiate and get a good deal for them, but coming on a common ground requires using investigative interviewing techniques to get a positive response from the opposite party. There are numerous advantages of hiring the negotiators for your business. Some of those benefits have been listed below:
Expert negotiator

  1. They Understand What The Opponent Wants – Due to their huge experience and negotiation skills, negotiators do investigative negotiation and understand what the opposite party wants, even with the least number of questions. Even if the opponent is unwilling to close the deal by coming to a common ground, they use their investigative interviewing techniques in a fascinating way and make the opponent agree on whatever they want them to do. Interestingly, the opposite party sometimes doesn’t even realize that they are being made to do what they’re doing – that is the power of an expert negotiator.
  2. They Discover Your Counterpart’s Constraints – Sometimes the conversation and negotiation gets all heated up because of unwillingness of the counterparts to close the deal at the final price being offered to them. In that situation also, the negotiators, instead of getting hyped up, try to understand what the underlying issue is, which is causing the opponent to behave in a particular manner. Once they understand the root cause, they try to convince the other party by showing the benefits in the deal that is being offered to them.
  3. They Try To Close The Deal ASAP – Investigative negotiation is an art which comes with years of experience and dealing with different kinds of clients. Whenever the negotiator witnesses the party not willing to close the deal by coming at a common ground, they try to use their investigative interviewing techniques and offer another deal, which can be a win-win situation for both the parties. In this way, neither the opponent feels like he or she is closing the deal at a loss nor does the winning party lose something major. After all, having a deal closed at lesser margin is still better than not having a deal at all.
  4. They Listen To Understand Rather Than Listen To Respond – Ultimate negotiation is the one in which atleast one of the parties is ready to listen at what the other party is saying – and, negotiators do just that. They listen and understand the opponent fully before doing investigative negotiation and then offering them a deal that they think will be accepted by the opposite party. This helps you save money and win the deal as well.

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