Laser Tag Mississauga: Then Vs. Now

Laser Tag Mississauga is mostly played indoors or outdoors, depending on the preferences of the players and availability of space. Most of the people are also looking for party places Mississauga, which have arrangement for this wonderful game. To know about how this game has evolved over the past, have a read ahead.

Laser Tag In The PastLaser Tag Gear

In the past as well, the concept of laser tag was used by children. They made teams and used trees and greenery as hindrances in their game. As there were no aiming guns available to shoot the players of the opposite team, the children used sticks or pieces of wood as their weapon. However, the concept of point calculation was the same – which is the team which shot the maximum number of players of the other team, was declared the winner.

Ultimate Laser Tag Mississauga Now

On the contrary, laser tag is way innovative and interesting these days. The arenas are way bigger and possess different kinds of obstacles. And, the guns that are used to shoot the opponents are bulkier and resemble the real guns. Following are the top 3 features of laser tag games that are played these days.

  • Variations in Laser Tag Systems – There are options such as the old-style IR and the latest laser system. Where IR is considered to be more economic choice, its consistency and aiming powers are not as good as modern yet high cost laser systems. Present era laser-based systems use fiber-optic technology. With this, the shooting abilities get even precise; the sensors get lighter and easily penetrate through the vest of the opponent. Also, the leather vest, which is worn by each player, is very light in weight and enables the players to easily move around the arena.
  • Laser Tag Mississauga Outfit – The outfits vary depending on the location where you are playing the game. If you are in a dedicated indoor arena, then the players are generally required to abide by a particular dress code so that the players can stay protected against injuries. Clothing items such as shorts, skirts, halter tops, swimwear are discouraged and proper footwear are made essential so that the players do not face any problem running around the arena consisting of walls, undergrowth, bunkers, tough terrain and dug outs.
  • Equipment and Accessories – One of the most basic equipment that is used in Ultimate Laser Tag Mississauga is an impressive gun, which can be of variable sizes so as to accommodate the needs of different players of different age and abilities. Apart from guns, players also use lightweight vests (with vibrating sensors), fog machines, score carding systems and sound systems. All these equipment are provided in the Ultimate Laser Tag Mississauga to make the game even more realistic and fun.

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