3 Tips To Take Care of Copper Glass, Pots, Pans, Bottles & Pitchers

Due to enormous amount of benefits of copper glass and other cookware, copper products are preferred by most of the households. Some of the individuals like to keep copper vessels due to the health benefits that they offer whereas some others invest in such utensils because of the style quotient and class that they add to their kitchen and home in general.

The downside of having copper drinking glasses and other utensils that are used quite often is that they tend to turn green due to oxidation. You need to take proper care of these vessels. Otherwise, they start developing green residue around them, which if not treated in time can result in total destruction of the vessel. To avoid such situations, use the following tips to take proper care of your copper utensils.

Copper drinking glasses
  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals – Most of the cleaning products market themselves by using phrases such as “copper safe” “tin safe” “stainless steel safe” and other taglines, but in general they are very harsh on the utensils. So, if you are using copper vessels, you strictly need to stay away from such harsh chemicals. Instead, you can use household products such as lemon + vinegar mix; lemon + salt mix; lemon juice + baking soda paste; vinegar + salt mixture etcetera.
  2. Avoid washing in a dishwasher – Copper vessels must also not be washed in a dishwasher because of the extremely hot water that runs inside the dishwasher. Moreover, the cleaners used in the dishwasher are also very strong and contain chemicals such as bleach. You must avoid putting your copper water dispenser and other copper utensils in a dishwasher in order to ensure their longevity.
  3. Never heat excessively – Bear in mind that copper utensils are suitable for delicate food preparations that are done on low flame. Unlike stainless steel utensils which can withstand extremely hot temperatures, copper glass and other utensils must never be put directly onto the heat. Whenever you do so, there must be some form of fat (oil) or something in it.

Use these tips every time you use your copper glass and other utensils, to enhance their life.

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