5 Cases In Which You Need A Family Lawyer Brampton

No doubt there are several other family issues for which you require a family lawyer Brampton but the most common reason is divorce. Family Lawyers are needed during every phase of life involving a family unit for instance, pre-nuptial agreements before marriage, dissolution of marriage, adoption during marriage etcetera. If you are having a bitter relationship with your partner and have decided to get a divorce from him/her, then you need to have a family lawyer behind your back.

Some people think that they can do the court visits on their own and end their relationship legally, but what they forget is that family lawyers in Brampton Ontario can help them in not only the sad but also happy parts of an ending relationship. Let us explore the 5 different cases in which having a family lawyer can help you a lot.

Family lawyer brampton
Family Lawyer Brampton
  1. Visitation Rights – Another conflicting issue that always remain in a divorce case is to decide a set schedule as per which the children can get love and affection of both the parents. For that case too, you need to have a family lawyer so that he/she can help you get a legal distribution of your children’s time.
  2. Child Support – In case you and your partner don’t want to come on common grounds, and you are facing financial difficulties, then hiring the best family lawyer in Brampton can help you in getting child support from your partner. After all, both of you were involved in birthing your kids. So, why should you bear all the expenses and maintenance on your own?
  3. Child Custody – This is the most obvious reason to hire a family lawyer in a divorce case involving children. If you want to let go of your children, then you can go through the court proceedings on your own, but if you need to have your kids with you, then family lawyer is a must. It is them, whose experience can help you get back the custody of your children despite being weaker financially.
  4. Adoption – We told you that a civil litigation lawyer Brampton is not only involved in bitter life stages such as a divorce, but in happy instances too. Remember than if you want to adopt a child, then you will have to go through tons of adoption formalities. However, if you hire a family lawyer, he/she can handle the entire paper work for you.
  5. Protection Against Abuse – If you fear from physical or mental abuse from your partner, then you can hire a family lawyer to provide you the restraining orders. As a result, you can live a fearless life away from your abusive partner.

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