Soy Based Foam Mattress: 4 Tips For Choosing Mattresses For Your Kids

As there are numerous makes and types of mattresses available in the marketplace, parents often find themselves confused about the type of mattress that they should be purchasing for their children. If you are in such dilemma as well, then let us have a discussion about Soy Based Foam Mattress and other aspects to consider while choosing the right kind of mattress for your growing kids. Some of those factors that help in finalizing the perfect mattress for kids have been listed below:Soy Based Foam Mattress

  1. Support – Children spend nearly 8-10 hours of their day in their bedroom, while sleeping. Moreover, as their bodies are growing at a rapid rate, it is very crucial for them to have a perfect and relaxing night sleep. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that their mattresses are not only sturdy but comfortable as well. Sloppy mattresses can be a severe problem for their back while extremely hard handmade mattresses can also make them restless throughout the night. The perfect mattress is the one which is a blend of both comfort and sturdiness.
  2. Sides – Honestly, mattresses are a pricier investment. It is not easy to rebuy them again and again, unless you make tons of money each month. A good quality mattress is the one which can stay strong for atleast 10 years, if not more. Hence, while buying the mattress for your child’s bedroom, you need to ensure that the mattress should be two-sided and not just one-sided. Most of the manufacturers sell one-sided mattresses just to make a sale, but being a wise parent, you need to invest in a two-sided one because that lasts you for very long period of time. After using it on one side for a few months, you can flip it over to the other side in order to maintain its shape and keep it strong for numerous years.
  3. Future Needs – Investment in Soy Based Memory Foam Mattress should always be as per future needs. For instance, if you child is now a toddler, you must atleast buy a full-size mattress so that when he or she grows, they can have their own space with their friends, without having you to rebuy a mattress after every few years.
  4. Material – In case of kids, a single accident can lead to destruction of the mattress. Hence, you must buy a waterproof mattress at the first place, or invest in a waterproof mattress topper. Moreover, you must look out for Soy Based Memory Foam Mattress because these are non-toxic and fully safe for your children. In the market, there are polyurethane mattresses as well, but you need to strictly stay away from them as they are made using petroleum chemicals and are toxic if inhaled.

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