3 Tips To Take Care of Copper Glass, Pots, Pans, Bottles & Pitchers

Due to enormous amount of benefits of copper glass and other cookware, copper products are preferred by most of the households. Some of the individuals like to keep copper vessels due to the health benefits that they offer whereas some others invest in such utensils because of the style quotient and class that they add to their kitchen and home in general. The downside of having copper drinking glasses and other utensils that are used quite often is that they tend to turn green due to oxidation. You need to…

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Top 3 Reasons To Buy Hammered Copper Pitcher Rather Than Normal One

Hammered copper pitcher

Most of the individuals purchase Hammered copper pitcher because of the numerous health benefits that it provides to the people who regularly drink water from copper vessels. If you have looked for such vessels too, then it is not at all surprising because internet is overloaded with numerous article and blogs that speak about the health benefits that can be obtained by drinking liquid stored in copper utensils. Moreover, there are several sellers online who have tons of pure copper pitchers, in variety of sizes, for you to purchase. While…

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Top 3 Reasons To Use Copper Drinking Glasses

Copper drinking glasses

The Copper drinking glasses have been used since 1940s, when they were originally used to serve cocktail mixes of lime juice, vodka and ginger beer. With the passage of time, their popularity increased even more and people are still using them to serve fascinating drinks in bars and restaurants. If you have been to a bar ever in your life, you might have also come across a copper glass because they are widely used in most of the countries. Have you ever wondered what has made copper glasses so popular…

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